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More Than It Hurts and other stories of (mis)adventure by womxn who climb and mountaineer.

‘Tantalising and hard to put down, each story takes us on an intimate journey across continents, covering all terrain and emotions... More Than It Hurts will compel you to go out and conquer your own dreams.’ - Monique Forestier

‘Inspiring, engrossing and thought-provoking ... this diverse anthology of personal stories left me with a longing to get out into the mountains again.’ - Tim Macartney-Snape

Fourteen climbers and mountaineers tell their insightful, hilarious and adrenaline-filled stories of adventure and misadventure in Australia and beyond. Caitlin battles leukemia and self-doubt as she sets herself an epic climbing challenge. Vanessa eventually decides to stop free soloing with a rack and actually place some trad gear. Thelma and her friends become one of the first groups of women to bolt new routes in Iran. Araminta’s path to Paralympic glory (or so her father fondly hoped) hits a snag when she takes up climbing instead. Fed up with the patriarchy, Emily declares she will marry the mountains instead. Kate deals with the aftermath of a near-tragedy when a friend falls into a crevasse. Wendy fails to read the (obvious) warning signs as she heads into a rapidly flooding canyon to climb in Oman. In her late forties, Jessica learns what a crampon is and contemplates Mount Everest.


This collection of personal stories is produced by the non-profit rock-climbing group, Climb & Wine, to celebrate women, including people of diverse genders, and their contributions to rock-climbing and mountaineering.
Lead sponsors: Climbing Anchors and Mammut
Second sponsors: Mountain Equipment and the Australian School of Mountaineering

The book is available to purchase from:

  • Climbing Anchors
  • Paddy Pallin – Australia Wide
  • Mountain Equipment - Sydney
  • Mont (Canberra)
  • Paddy Pallin - Katoomba
  • Climb Fit - St Leonards and Kirrawee
  • Nomad boulder gym
  • Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym - St Peters and Villawood
  • Canberra Indoor Rock-Climbing Gym


Climb & Wine is now calling for submissions for a SECOND book of stories by womxn who climb and mountaineer!

The first book has been a huge success. It is stocked in 30 different bookshops, outdoors stores and climbing gyms across Australia. We've had great feedback from people inspired by the stories, and from shops telling us how popular it is with customers.

It’s clear there’s a huge interest in these stories - and still a gap in the market for womxn’s adventure stories. So we’re doing a second book! Again, we’re looking for stories by womxn at any level of ability - you certainly don’t need to be leading 27s to get involved!

Tell us your tales of adventure, mishaps, friendship, discovery, or more in the mountains or on rock.

Word length is flexible, but between 2,000 - 5,000 words tend to work best.
Deadline for submissions is end of June.

More information about the first book can be found in the following articles, both of which include extracts from stories:
We are Explorers - More than it Hurts
Common Climber - More than it Hurts: An Interview with Wendy Buere

Any questions or to discuss your ideas, email or msg Wendy Bruere or Climb & Wine.

Happy writing!